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14th February 2013


Many fans of Jae Joong must have been wondering who will be Jae Joong's valentine and how he will spent this Valentine's Day. Now the million dollars question is finally answered by Jae Joong himsellf. On the night of Feb 14th, Jae Joong tweeted on his twitter account @bornfreeonekiss "All alone", telling the whole fandom world that he is all alone on Valentine's Day! Guess what, he tweeted in English too (faint *-*)! Fans were screaming their loves for him. As usual, he is good at getting his fans go all crazy over him. Wait, before you rejoice, do you really believe him? Someone who has got everyhing a guy could only wish for - good looks, hot bod, flashy cars, luxury home, loads of cash and so forth could be spending Valentine's Day alone? That's pitiful or lucky? You decide.

30th December 2012

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong thanks fans after receiving another Rookie Award at the ′MBC Drama Awards′

Jae Joong was at the MBC Drama Awards on 30th Dec to receive the Rookie Award for the drama, Dr. Jin, where he potrayed as Kim Kyung Tak. His parents were there to show their support. He thanked his JYJ members Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu. Not to be missed he also thanked his fans who had shown him their continuous support. He later tweets:

"두번째신인상..앞으로 더욱열심히하라는 의미로알겠습니다. 한희감독 오현종감독님 감사드리고 C-jes 창주형,그리고 우리 멤버 유천이,준수사랑해^^마지막으로 소중한 jyj를 이끌어주시는 팬분들~!평생 고마움을 보답할게요^^"

Translation: "My second Rookie Award. I′ll take this to mean that I should work harder in the future. I want to thank director Han Hee, director Oh Jong Hyun, C-JeS′ [Baek] Chang Joo hyung and my members Yoo Chun and Junsu.^^ Last but not least, the fans who lead JYJ! I′ll repay your thankful love for the rest of my life.^^"

Congratulations, Kim Jae Joong Oppa! Fighting!! ^_^

25th December 2012

Jae Joong Spending X'mas at His Hometown, Gongju

On the 25th December, Jae Joong was spending time visiting his elementary school and old house in Gongju.

Jae Joong tweeted with the above picture: 초등학교도다녀왔습니다~~^^
English translation: Been to this elementary school~~^^
Chinese translation: 去过这小学~~^^
Jae joong standing in front of his elementary school. Nice pose and jacket!

Jae Joong tweeted with the above picture: 옛날우리집..한번찾아가봤다
English translation: My old house..went there to see it again
Chinese translation: 我的房子..再次走看
He is standing in front of his old house where his parent runs a restaurant at the ground floor. Is he inviting fans to visit his old house?

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